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Full color / 4 color / CMYK wet on wet Process Digital Silk Screen Printing on t shirt / t-shirt

Full color / 4 color / CMYK Process Screen Printing ( wet on wet application). QS200 Digital Screen Making (exposing) - Full color - CMYK screen printing wet on wet process - accurate registration - No emulsion - No water - No Darkroom - No Chemical. Discover A Lot More

Digital Negative Making – Photo Process Workshop at George Eastman House

No longer limit yourself to just analog or just digital photography. This hands-on workshop will help you to harness the precision of digital imaging to produce negatives with your inkjet printer for a variety of your favorite historic and alternative Discover A Lot More

Pre-Computer Newspaper Publishing Process: “Newspaper Story” 1950 Encyclopaedia Britannica Films

more at http://news.quickfound.net/journalism_news_and_links.html "Steps in the completion of a newspaper story from recording the incident through the taking & finishing of pictures, writing, editing, setting in type, printing the paper & distributing Discover A Lot More